Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 2013 FNSI

Yay!!  FNSI is back.  This week I was working on a client's quilt - trying to get t finished for Saturday delivery.  I've been waiting all week for the local sewing store to get the right color (#155) of Superior's Masterpiece thread.  I really like this thread for piecing as it's strong yet thin.  The gray color of #155 is a chameleon.  It blends in and disappears on many, many fabrics.  It's also the perfect bobbin thread.  Of course I ran out with about 3 bobbins to go :(.  Finally I called around and found a spool at a LQS about 30 miles away.  Of course today, the first store called that their order had come in.  No problem, there was only one available at the other shop, so, I've reserved 2 for me to pick up on Monday.  Did I say I like this thread??

Anyway, this quilt was a beautiful dark batik, with a pieced star appliqued as a center medallion.  The border was made of alternating tall tumbler shapes of the batik and the star fabric.
To accentuate the star, I used embroidery thread for the quiilting.  I took 3 shades of the green and ran them all through the machine together and through the needle.  That made for a nice thick thread that really showed up nicely.  The three colors made it shimmer and brought it to life.  I also added the star detailing to the corners.  The main part of the quilt was done in a swirl and spikes pattern.  I delivered it this afternoon and the customer is very happy.  That makes me happy. :)