Saturday, August 20, 2011

The best part about FNSI

is the blog surfing afterwards! I love checking out all the other bloggers who participate in the FNSI. And Heidi's blog makes it so easy. All I have to do is click on the name and it takes me to that person's blog.
So what did I do today? I checked out all 140 blogs. That's what.
And oh, what a collection. There are some terrific quilters out there folks.

FNSI, just hanging around in my jeans....

For this Friday Night Sew In, I got out my stash of reclaimed denim. I have three quilts planned for this technique. It will be a "rag quilt" but slightly different.
Instead of cutting squares to piece together and then "rag" the edges, I thought I'd let the denim do what it does best. Ravel at open seams.
I'm making 17" blocks so the making of these quilts will go quickly, but I might just wear out a few needles before I'm done.
I'm using a 6mm wide double needle with heavy weight thread for the stitching. Piecing is done by just laying one layer over the other, overlapping by about 1/2". Then stitching it down with the double needle. Once this is washed, the raw edges will ravel and fluff up.
These quilts will not be the usual three layers. Two will be backed with light weight fleece, while the third will be with a heavier polar fleece. That one will also be a king size. So, since it will be so big, and heavy, I'm going to make it in two pieces with a separating zipper in the middle to hold them together. That way one half can fit in a domestic washing machine - and the owner will be able to lift it from the washer to the dryer without a forklift. ha ha. Just thinking ahead folks.
So here's a pic of the layered raw seams.
And here's six of the seven blocks that are ready. Only about 80 to go.Some of the larger patches may get a patch put on top for esthetics once I have them all made. But for now, I'm just grabbing pieces out of my stash and putting them together.
This is fun!

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's time for another FNSI -- TGIF !

It's time again for a sew in. Being on a friday night, hosted by Heidi (Handmade by Heidi) and Bobbi (Crafty Vegas Mom) that makes it Friday Night SewIn !! The absolutely best sewing bee ever! No packing, no driving, no lugging that machine and project around!. No paying a babysitter, no designated driver if you imbibe, it's simply the best!
Put on your music, send the kids to bed (or Grandma's), pour a little of whatever you like to sip, and sew the night away.
To sign up just click on the button to the left and it will take you to Heidi's site where you can sign up.
Take pics and post them on your blog and then: someone wins! In my book, we all win. Because once everyone has posted, you get a whole new list of fellow bloggers to check out and become virtual buddies! Superb, and pass the bubbly!
Tune in on Saturday or Sunday to see where this Friday night led me :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The finish : "Margaret's Garden"

First let me clarify - I haven't fired my 10 yr old photographer, I just had to find another way to photograph my quilts when he's not around. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it :)
Anyway, I had an extra cafe curtain rod in the back of a closet and got this idea of putting the mounting brackets on the roof of the porch, so I could hang the quilts there, and photograph them myself. It works! I'll only have the rod up there when I'm photographing a quilt, but there may be potential for Christmas decorations.....
The final reveal of "Margaret's Garden." I like how it turned out. I've washed it to soften it up and it did a great job of hiding the starts and stops of stitching the crosshatch design. Especially on the back. I've called the recipient and should deliver it by the weekend.
The next project is quilting a quilt for a friend who has it all basted and ready to go.
Then it may be time to start tackling the denim quilt. My SIL has "weighed in" on that topic and asked for one in King size!!! That may take a while, so I think I'll make the smaller ones for my nephews first.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Grandmother

After a 101 years on this earth, my Grandmother passed away last Wednesday. This was not a sad occasion. Just imagine all the changes she has seen in her time! And she seemed to take them in stride. She lived through 2 world wars. She moved with her family to a new country with a new language when she was nearly 50. She raised 7 children, saw them all married, and survived them all. She had more than 40 grandchildren, 60 great grand children and 4 great, great grandchildren. The family celebrated her life at her memorial service. They shared memories, and especially laughter and good times.
She is with the Lord now, as she wished.

Ah, vacation.

There is nothing like being at a cottage by a lake to make one slow down and enjoy nature. After a whirlwind 2 days in Ottawa, touring the Parliament Buildings, and seeing the Museum of Science and Technology, we slowed it down for the next two days. We'd been invited to my brother and sister in law's cottage. What a beautiful place. Their waterfront property is absolutely breathtaking. My brother took my son out for a canoe trip around one of the islands. My son has decided he loves canoeing.!!
Later in the evening we were serenaded by the loons on the lake. They are such a calm, serene bird. I could watch them for hours. My son sat on the dock with the binoculars watching them. Then suddenly they were close enough to watch!

I think after a couple of days to recoup, I might be ready to do some quilting. In the meantime, at least now you know why our dollar is called a "loonie."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Greetings from Ottawa

Hi all. We drove all day yesterday, from 11 until 5:30 to get here. Getting through Toronto was less than fun due to construction. Remember, in Canada, our four seasons are 1. Almost winter, 2. Winter, 3. Was Winter and 4. Construction. So basically, everytime I got the van up to the speed limit, I had to slow down again, sometimes to a stop. Add a couple more episodes east of Toronto and it made a 5 hour drive turn into 6 1/2. For those of you in large urban areas, this may be the norm, but in the city where I live, even rush hour only lasts 20 minutes!
But, arrive we did. After supper my brother took us for a quick tour of the Rideau canal, returning along the Ottawa river. This was a beautiful ride! We spent the rest of the evening with his family until crashing and sleeping like logs until this morning.
This am, we toured the Parliament Buildings, including going up to the top of the Peace tower. We toured most of the statuary - from the Women are Persons monument, the Tomb of the unknown Soldier, the Queen Elizabeth II on her horse, the Terry Fox monument etc.
After a lovely lunch from a sidewalk street hot dog vendor, we headed over to the Museum of Science and Technology. This was a hit with my son who loves "hands on" exhibits. We took in the virtual space mission - a 15 minute virtual journey on Mars complete with motion activated seats coordinated with a 3D movie. It's a good thing it included seat belts!
So while I rest my weary feet this evening, we are making the plans to head to the cottage in the morning to spend the next couple of days. I hope the nice weather holds. See you next week!