Sunday, September 22, 2013

No longer Missing in Action

Wow.  I didn't realize how much time had gone since my last post.  I guess I kind of missed the summer!  We did have a good summer with camping, day tripping, lazy days and my son had friends over for a week at a time - which is great because it keeps him from getting bored.

I've been busy crafting.  My son's school has a fall fest bazaar coming up the beginning of October.  I have a table booked for selling my crafts.  So, here's the short list:
My Highlands quilt  If someone is willing to pay the price I want for it, I'll sell it.
Several sock monkeys
Some tabletop place card holders - for parties, or wine and cheese etc - holds the id cards  Made from black binder clips painted with glitter nail polish and a gold braid tied around the "tabs" = cute.
Teddy bears - made of wash cloths with googly eyes :)
silver wire "viking weave" bracelets.
An apron or two
A dozen quilted, and appliqued table runners - most with a Christmas theme
Many winter themed quilted potholders
Some desk caddies for post it notes made out of dollar store photo frames.
and best of all
Bottlecap necklaces for young and old.

In preparation, I made a quilt stand to put up against the wall behind my table.  Cut one 12' 1 1/2" PVC  pipe into two equal halves.
2  pieces of 2 1/2" PVC pipe approx 24" long.
Take one wooden dowel, *I used a staircase ballister*  cut in half
One piece of 16"x36" MDF board cut into to squares.  Mark the middle.
Two large "eye" bolts.
One curtain rod

Drill a pilot hole through the middle of the boards. Use a larger bit to open the first part more so the screw will sink flush with the board.  Drill a pilot hole in the middle of the end of each wooden dowel
Screw the board to the end of the dowel X2
Slide the 2 1/2" PVC over the dowel.  Drill a pilot hole through the side into the side of the dowel and screw it together so the pipe won't slip off.
Now slide the long 1 1/2" PVC pipe into the larger pipe allowing the end to slide over the dowel inside the larger pipe.  This supports the upright pipes.
Slide the eye bolts onto the curtain rod.  Place it across the top of the upright posts just slipping the end of the eye bolts into the top of the pipes.   BINGO.
I'll take some pictures at the show so I have something to post soon.

This is the first time I'm having a craft table solo, so I hope it's a success.

I have a Square for my smart phone.
Have you heard about "Square?"
It's a method for smaller businesses to be able to accept credit cards.  The Square is about 1"x1" and plugs into the earphone jack of your smartphone.  You can swipe M/C or VIsa and it deposits the cash into your designated bank account the next day.  Your clients just sign your phone with a stylus that you can buy at a dollar store or a office supply - made for use on tablets or smart phones.
AND one of the best news stories this week was that the Square company is setting up offices in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario.  This is the good news that kind of buffers the nasty news of how Blackberry is laying off 40% of their staff in the same city.

So, wish me luck.