Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yeah, Weekend getaway for ME!

There are a group of Moms that have been going to a cottage retreat, twice a year, for the last 7 or so years. We started as scrapbookers, making it a scrapbooking retreat. Most of us are not as avid scrapbookers anymore, probably because our kids are in the "don't take my picture" age. So now a few bring their gear, but most of us just "retreat". (eat, drink, talk, hot tub, drink, eat. Repeat)
I haven't been able to go for the last two times, so I am pumped! I get to go this weekend!!
The plans are made:
Kid care - check
Pet care- check
Gas in van - even got it before the price soared today - check
Plan to bring quilting stuff - cancelled. I've finished 2 quilts already this week, and I figured since the other ladies aren't "sew-ers", they'd probably not get a "rush" from hearing a sewing machine all weekend. Unlike quilters, who, as you know, consider that sound to be music to our ears.
Trip to Walmart to buy a ball of yarn and a crochet hook - check.
Try to remember how to make crocheted dishcloths - how hard can it be, it's a square. Duh.
Packing several quilt magazines for everyone to drool over - check.
I just have to pack the suitcases, and woohooot!
Now all that is left is a short chat with the weatherman - who has predicted snow tonight and tomorrow - it better not be enough to snow me out of going or snow me in when I get there (as enticing as that may be.)
So, I hope you have a good weekend. I will!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oops, I did it again!

Oops. I fell for another one. Yup, another Singer. This time a 1947 Featherweight. She comes complete with her case, several bobbins and other attachments including a ruffler, even a dried up tube of lubricant still in its box. She needed a good oiling because she was bone dry , but other than that she's in great shape. Can't wait to sew with her.
Now I have 6 machines, and that better stop , here and now.
Janome Horizon 7700
Janome 6260 QC
Singer model 27 treadle, 1904
Singer Featherweight, 1947
Elna Supramatic, "Grasshopper" circa 1950
White "Jeans Machine" circa 1970

My name is Teresa, and I am a sewing machine and fabric addict........

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I thought I'd try the prewound bobbins available these days. You know the ones, the paper bobbins with thread for about .65 cents each?
So, being the brave person I am, I bought ONE. Just ONE. Just to try it in my machines and see where it worked, and where it wouldn't.
But, I didn't even get a chance.
When I came home today, THIS is what I found.Then I found its twin.
What I did not find, was the thread.
Now, when something like this happens, it means two things have happened.
1. I must have dropped it out of my bag of fabric before it made it into the cupboard.
2. Neeka found it.

So, before you fall for that "sweet little Who, Me?" face, remember, schnauzers are nick named "paper schnauzers" for a reason.
She has never met a scrap of paper, tissue, paper towel, corner of a book, and now cardboard bobbin, that she didn't feel was "hers" to nibble on.

And I definitely can tell the difference between cat claw marks, and doggie teeth marks!
(ps. my boarder found the tangled mess of thread and not knowing what it was, recognized that it would be hazardous for any of the pets to ingest and put it in the garbage. Yeah, no vet bill.)

Note to self. I really need to try one of those disposable prewound bobbins and see if they fit in any of my machines.

Friday, February 18, 2011

FNSI result for this month.

This is a quilt that was started 30 years ago. It belongs to a "friend of a friend." Seriously.
Anyway, the lady who made it started hand quilting it and faced a lot of difficulty because the sashing and the backing is a heavy decorator chintz. She could barely get a needle through it, and consequently gave up. It's been in a closet ever since. Until my friend suggested she call me.
I'm flattered. It's like being given a piece of art and asked to complete it. She has given me rather free reign and did request some SITD work, so that's what I'm doing.
That decorator chintz is giving me issues too.
There must be a lot of polyester, or cast iron, in it because I'm dulling needles like crazy. I went through three and then started having problems with thread breaking. And breaking. And breaking. So I switched to a larger needle, a # 16 and now it's going better. But it's dull now too, so I just put another in. Note to self - stick to 100% cotton.
So the result for FNSI is
-binding on, check
-borders quilted, check
-sashing quilted, check
-seven out of 16 blocks quilted, SITD around each twice, plus around the tree. Then embellished with freehand elements of weather - snow, rain, sun, wind. Check.
-tired mommy - check.
That's it for tonight.

Here's the list of what else transpired since noon.

-Walmart - groceries from their sales flyer
-Costco - remainder of groceries
-three other retailers - looking for Shout color catchers - unsuccessful. Turns out they aren't in Ontario - yet
-pick up DS at school and feed him a snack, which he refused because it was "Mexican Fiesta Day" and he was still full from Nachos and candy.
-pick up DS's friend and drive them to Boys and Girls club for friday night usual night out.
-drive to local sewing shop to pick up second in command sewing machine from her spa week, do not pass go, do not collect $200, Pay $200
- drive home, eat, start sewing
-stop sewing
- pick up DS from B&G club and go home again.
-continue sewing while intermittently responding to "Mom can I have a snack" by preparing said snack. Repeat several times. Does this kid get spoiled or what? Can't get his own snacks while Mom's quilting? Sheesh!
Oh, and I forgot. Let doggie out every half hour so she can sniff the wind.
Break up frequent spats between doggie and one of two cats.
Answer phone. Don't they know it's FNSI??

Nite folks

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Friday Night Sew In - Yay!!

I really don't need an excuse to quilt, but hey, when one is handed to you, well, why not! This week is another Friday night Sew In. Just click on the logo to go to the sign up page.
Til friday then!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A really cool way to make the "HunterStar" block

Found this link on a blog and had to check it out. For a really great way to make a "Hunter Star" block, check this out. I really think it's going to have to go on my 'to do' list.
Here's the link - it even has video!!! How cool is that!

Tiny-tote tute!

Here is a tutorial to make a cute little tote. It's perfect for:
-carrying your mug to meetings
-a tall one can be used to wrap a bottle of wine for a hostess gift!
-holding all your gadgets - seam ripper, pencils, tweezers etc
-a stand up threadcatcher!

What you need.
1: 2 fat quarters or 10" fabric that is 42" wide.
If you want to use it for wine bottles, use the height of the bottle plus 2 1/2".
2: an old CD, DVD, scratched up movie, for the base
3: small piece of batting the size of a DVD

Here's the photo tutorial! (Blame the fuzzy photos on my shaky hands :)

Ta Da ! You did it! Now go have a cup of tea or coffee, or libation of you choice....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's "super-thera-machinger-glove" thing.

So, ok, it may be overkill. But they are wonderful. I've just started using the Machingers gloves and they are fantastic. It makes it so much easier to move the quilt during FMQ. However, I also have carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist/hand. I wear the splint thing at night, but I did buy a "Theraglove" to try as well. It is so comfortable. The strong lycra is just enough support in the wrist and hand so the CTS doesn't act up. The Machingers also have an elastic cuff, but for me, it's just not quite enough support.
So, what to do? Comfort? Ease of quilting? Comfort? Why not both? So I did. And it works.
I think these two companies need to talk with each other. Don't you think?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hillary's Quilt

The photo finish is here. I had my son snap a couple of photos this morning outside. The overcast weather was perfect for photos. So here is Hillary's Quilt, the final version. In the large purple area on the right side, there is a key quilted into the design. In the head of the key are her initials. Hope she likes it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilting along.....

I've been working on my niece's quilt. The purple and blue one. It's going well and I'm having a lot of fun. I did the black shadows all the same with a "circuit board" pattern by Leah Day. It's interlocking blocks, looking like, well, a circuit board. Then each square on the quilt, I've put a different pattern. I've chosen things about the essence of nature, trees, lightning, waves, sun etc. Last night I did some auditioning of what pattern to put into the sashing. My old standby, feather meander, will not work here, it will be too dense, and not compliment the rest of the quilt. I did some loop de loops that I really liked, so that's what I'll probably use.
I'll get some pics up soon. Promise!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I learned today,,,,,,,,

White batting and Black fabric means buckets of lint!
Thank goodness there isn't that much black on the quilt, but man, it's a mess. I've also learned that if you don't de-fuzz the fabric before quilting it, you will have a dickens of a time getting the lint off later. So, the solution? Keep the lint brush right beside the machine. Clean the fabric, quilt. Repeat.
I think I'll be doing that until this quilt is bound.

Storm day - quilting day!!

Well, it seems the big storm is going to hit us in SW Ontario after all. The wind right now is beating on my front window sounding quite fierce. The schools have already closed for tomorrow.
DS had a friend over after school, and plans were made for a sleepover. Unfortunately, homesickness took over and Grandpa saved the day and took his grandson home. If weather permits he may make it back here tomorrow for playtime.
But - seriously, what better to do on a snow day than make a big pot of tea and quilt! I've started quilting the purple and blue quilt for my niece. The black areas need to be quilted in black. So I reached for my black thread was almost empty! How did I let that happen. Thankfully I noticed that before the storm hit and made a hasty trip to the store and stocked up.. now, bring it on!