Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In results

Well, it's 2 am and I'm calling it a night.  I managed to get my project done, and I'm tuckered out.
I'm making a quilt for a customer, and she asked about a bedskirt.  Being the daughter of a "slipcover queen", I said "sure",   So after some calculating, and some shopping, we came up with a plan.  For the base of the skirt, I used a fitted sheet.  In this case King size.  The quilt fabric was purchased 5 !!!!! years ago, so the chances of finding a compatible fabric for the bedskirt seemed to be a daunting task, but not so.  The first place I went to had this decorator fabric, the perfect green to match one of the greens in the quilt.  And it's very similar in texture too,  WIN!!
We went with a rather formal look, with pleats on the sides and corners.  Once I had the panels made, I sewed them onto the sides of the sheet right at the edge where it would meet the top of the box spring.  This would have been easier to pin into place if I had the right sized mattress to fit the sheet on.  Then I could just pin it along the top edge.  Instead, I pulled the corners tight (pinned one corner to the sofa and pulled the next corner.  Used my teeth for a third hand lol)  and marked the top edge on the sheet.
So, here are my 2 am photos.  I will not vouch for the quality :)

I had only one casualty.  My blind hemming foot.  It's the first time I've used one.  I learned to blind hem on my Mom's old Kenmore,  You had to do ironing and pinning gymnastics  before sewing.
I have to say, after blind hemming 9 yards, times two edges, plus ends,(about 20 yd total) I've decided that the blind hem foot is a keeper.
But, alas, I broke it.  I was trying to "help" it over one of the thick seams and pulled the fabric so hard that the needle came down on the little guide in the foot.  I tried to straighten it with my hemostats, but it really didn't work too well.  Then genius struck.  Duh, my other machine is also a Janome and should have the same foot!  Yes it was, so I tossed the broken one and carried on.  I was more careful after that.

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A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

That looks great! You have many talents!