Saturday, February 2, 2013

A bit of saturday fun

I can usually fix small problems on a basic sewing machine.  Several times I've rescued a machine destined for the garbage just by giving it some loving care - cleaning , oiling, tension adjustment etc..
This one I picked up on Freecycle was beyond my ability. It was a cheap, off brand plastic "special" so I had nothing invested in  it.  It ran, but wouldn't stitch so I think the timing was fubar"ed".   I started just taking it apart for fun.  My son, seeing this, asked if he could do it.  Sure!!
So after loosening a bowlful of screws, taking umpteen greasy gears apart and destroying just a couple of plastic parts to get the switches out, we had this:
When all was said and done, we tossed a bag full of gears and all the screws in a bag, and kept the motor.  That will come in handy for a future science project, yet to be named.  The motor works, has 2 speeds, and a light on a separate switch.  Science will never be so much fun, :)

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