Saturday, August 20, 2011

FNSI, just hanging around in my jeans....

For this Friday Night Sew In, I got out my stash of reclaimed denim. I have three quilts planned for this technique. It will be a "rag quilt" but slightly different.
Instead of cutting squares to piece together and then "rag" the edges, I thought I'd let the denim do what it does best. Ravel at open seams.
I'm making 17" blocks so the making of these quilts will go quickly, but I might just wear out a few needles before I'm done.
I'm using a 6mm wide double needle with heavy weight thread for the stitching. Piecing is done by just laying one layer over the other, overlapping by about 1/2". Then stitching it down with the double needle. Once this is washed, the raw edges will ravel and fluff up.
These quilts will not be the usual three layers. Two will be backed with light weight fleece, while the third will be with a heavier polar fleece. That one will also be a king size. So, since it will be so big, and heavy, I'm going to make it in two pieces with a separating zipper in the middle to hold them together. That way one half can fit in a domestic washing machine - and the owner will be able to lift it from the washer to the dryer without a forklift. ha ha. Just thinking ahead folks.
So here's a pic of the layered raw seams.
And here's six of the seven blocks that are ready. Only about 80 to go.Some of the larger patches may get a patch put on top for esthetics once I have them all made. But for now, I'm just grabbing pieces out of my stash and putting them together.
This is fun!


supermom said...

What a neat way to make a denim quilt. They'll certainly be warm and should last practically forever. They'd be great to take camping.

Kay Lynne said...

It will be neat when it's all finished! You are right they can be heavy :)

Erica said...

I like your denim quilt idea. I've been saving my kids old jeans for something to quilt with, but haven't gotten around to doing anything with them. You've given me a few ideas. ;-)

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Never thought of that but it's a great idea. I throw away lots of worn jeans every year.Thanks.

Lana said...

Well looks like I was one of the fNSI blogs you visited! I really liked your advice about fixing my quilt- I think that is what I will do! Thank you for stopping by!!! I love the Blue jean quilt idea- will you put batting or just a backing? Can't waiot to see this one finished!