Friday, August 5, 2011

Greetings from Ottawa

Hi all. We drove all day yesterday, from 11 until 5:30 to get here. Getting through Toronto was less than fun due to construction. Remember, in Canada, our four seasons are 1. Almost winter, 2. Winter, 3. Was Winter and 4. Construction. So basically, everytime I got the van up to the speed limit, I had to slow down again, sometimes to a stop. Add a couple more episodes east of Toronto and it made a 5 hour drive turn into 6 1/2. For those of you in large urban areas, this may be the norm, but in the city where I live, even rush hour only lasts 20 minutes!
But, arrive we did. After supper my brother took us for a quick tour of the Rideau canal, returning along the Ottawa river. This was a beautiful ride! We spent the rest of the evening with his family until crashing and sleeping like logs until this morning.
This am, we toured the Parliament Buildings, including going up to the top of the Peace tower. We toured most of the statuary - from the Women are Persons monument, the Tomb of the unknown Soldier, the Queen Elizabeth II on her horse, the Terry Fox monument etc.
After a lovely lunch from a sidewalk street hot dog vendor, we headed over to the Museum of Science and Technology. This was a hit with my son who loves "hands on" exhibits. We took in the virtual space mission - a 15 minute virtual journey on Mars complete with motion activated seats coordinated with a 3D movie. It's a good thing it included seat belts!
So while I rest my weary feet this evening, we are making the plans to head to the cottage in the morning to spend the next couple of days. I hope the nice weather holds. See you next week!

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