Saturday, August 18, 2012

August FNSI

This was quite a night.  I think instead of calling it FNSI, I'll call it Wrestlemania Marathon.
I worked on a customer's quilt.  I had half of the quilting done by yesterday, so I figured it would be a cinch to finish it tonight.  Wrong in so many ways.
I started sewing this afternoon and met problem after problem.  The thread kept breaking.  I blamed the thread, as it was embroidery weight - not what I would have picked.  That and the bobbin thread was quite a bit thicker as it was 100% cotton "machine quilting" thread.  Also not what I usually use.  So, I tried to tough it out.
Rethreaded top and bottom, too many times to count
Changed the needle
Changed the bobbin
Changed the bobbin thread as I had the same colour in "my fav" thread
Changed the top thread
Changed them all again, a few times,
Still, every foot or so, the thread would shred and I would let out a few of those words that my mama would have washed my mouth out with soap for saying.
So, I went to Costco. I came home and made a delicious fruit salad of strawberries, watermelon and red grapefruit.

 And I walked the dog.
  Then downstairs I went again.
Finally in frustration, I pulled my machine out of the table and put in my backup/take to class machine.
Should have done that in the first place, it worked perfectly.  No more thread problems.
So, it wasn't the thread, or the bobbin, or the needle etc.
It was my machine.
So, I'll be taking her to the doctor tomorrow. 
So, in the meantime, I wrestled that quilt through the smaller machine and got 'er done.  Serged the edges, and packed her up.  Hopefully the recipient is home tomorrow and I can deliver it.

 A closer look at the quilting.  Overall daisies on the quilt, and a chain of daisies on the border.
 Packed and ready to depart from my home.
This is one quilt that did not find a soft spot in my heart.  If it had been mine, it would probably be in the darkest corner of a closet by now.


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

What a great accomplishment for a Friday Night Sew In! I love the daisy chain :)

Nancy said...

Nice job on the quilt and good for you for finding the answer to the breaking thread mystery!