Thursday, August 23, 2012

My baby's back....

Yesterday I got a call from the sewing machine hospital to say my baby was ready to come home.  She had a general overhaul and cleaning.  I vacuum out the bobbin area regularly but the tech was still able to remove a ball of fluff the size of a large grapefruit from inside the machine.
The lesson - get that regular servicing !!
She has a new bobbin case (see story below) and the total bill was less than I was expecting so it's all good.
And she's sewing like a dream.

The new bobbin case is because I put a needle through it a while ago.  I broke a needle and when I went searching for the pieces, I found the tip gouged into the side of the plastic bobbin case.  Being the frugal (cheap) sort, I smoothed it out with a scissor blade and got it up and running.  But since baby was going into the shop anyway, I figured I'd spring for the new one.  I'm happy with that decision. :)

Now, on another note.  Do you need rain??  Just send me camping.  Both of our camping trips this summer were cut short because of rain..  Camping in a tent, with an 11 yr old, and a dog, when it's raining and the forecast is for more rain-- isn't fun.  So, both times we went home.  This time it took 2 weeks !!!!! for the tent to dry out.  Every time it was almost dry enough to pack up , it would rain again.  AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH !   I think we're done for this year.   I need to win a lottery and get a trailer.  But then, if it were a big enough lottery, skip the camping and do the 5 star resort is what I say!

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