Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why Black Friday isn't such a big thing in Canada even though the retailers are trying.....

Canadians just aren't "into" Black Friday.  Ok, maybe a few who live within a reasonable driving distance to a border crossing, but for most of us, it just isn't an event.  My opinion is ....

First of all, our Thanksgiving is in October, not November
We don't do mob scenes
We started our Christmas shopping in July
We don't do mob scenes
We aren't as impressed with "sale" signs until we actually calculate the cost , in Canadian dollars.
We don't do mob scenes
We have to take into account the exchange rate - which right now, well, sucks.
We don't do mob scenes
We have to pay tax and duty at the border, which seriously cuts into the savings.
and, since we don't do mob scenes, we look for off-peak hours to shop - like suppertime at Costco.

Like I said, that's my opinion.

The retailers are trying to make Black Friday a thing here.  They are trying.  The whole thing lacks credibility though, when the sales start the week before Black Friday - duh.
It's the same with Boxing Day.  Now that used to be a sale.  You could stock up on anything "Christmassy" and save it for next year.  Now the Boxing Day sales start the week before Christmas and last a week, or two, depending on the store.

We've seen it coming.  Swimsuits on sale in March.  Back to school sales the second week of July, and Snow suits available before August.  I don't know how parents with growing kids shop this way - my guy grew in spurts, so I never knew from one month to the next what size he would be.  He still does.  He's grown 2 inches in his trouser waist size since school started.  And the medium sized shirts are starting to look quite short, so, he's on to size large.  They hang on him since he's so slim, but he needs the length in the body and sleeves.  I don't think he's done yet either.  He's taller than me already, and the doctor figured he'd be about 6'4" based on his childhood growth charts.  That isn't unusual for our family though, we are all tall - my nephews are all well over 6'.  Let's not even talk about shoe size !

On the quilting scene, our church group finished the Advent banners last night.  YAY!!   It was a much larger project than anyone thought.  If we do a banner again, it will be 1 piece, and with a lot more notice.  Finishing a 5 panel banner in less than a month was hard.

It's also a good thing it's done because my customers are starting to hand in their projects for quilting.  In the last week, I've received 5.  That's great in my book, that part of quilting is fun for me.  Add to that the bonus of being paid, and it's all good.

By the way, is anyone out there looking for a used Handiquilter?  Our local rep is moving with her family to PEI, and has her rig for sale.
FOR SALE!!!! HQ Fusion with a Pro Stitcher! We are moving out of the province and I am needing to sell my machine. SHARE this post because I have to sell it. Please message me for serious inquiries.

That's it for today.  I'll check in with you soon.  Happy Quilting !

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