Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspired by Inspira

This is a good day.. No, not because I have to replace the entire contents of my freezer, thanks to a power outage, but because my quilting frame arrived today.
My second hand Inspira quilting frame. It is in pristine condition. It even arrived in the original box, in the original packing material, with all the instructions and the video, and best of all - a real, live, person! She helped me put it together and between the two of us menopausal mommas, we had it together in two and a half hours. with no re-dos! Yeah for girl power!
My darling son asked if he could try it out. I had to explain that I didn't have a sewing machine on it yet, and even if I did, it would take me at least an hour to load a quilt on it for the first time. Oh, and by the way kid, it's an hour past your bedtime, go brush your teeth!
I wish I could try it out tonight too.

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