Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here are a few pics of the first quilts I ever made. The Twilight Star was my first quilt. I made it for my son. The Dazzling Diamonds was my next effort - wow, batiks. I love them, I wish I could afford to play with them more often. It went to my first great niece. The Baskets on Trellis went to my second niece. The Autumn Trellis, I made for my neighbour's wife. Her husband is our neighbourhood "Bob the Builder" and he cleans my driveway in the wintertime which is GREATLY appreciated, especially when it's like -25 degrees and he just plows it out in 35 seconds so I can get out and do groceries, or go see my parents, or go to church, or just get out of the house. Everyone should be so blessed to have a "Bob" for a neighbour. :)

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