Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Noah's Ark

I just have to vent about the weather. I'm not a rainy day person. Rainy days suck the energy right out of my bones and numbs my brain into a coma. Today was one of those days.
This morning started with a bit of sunshine which quickly clouded over into a torrential downpour. Then it was just overcast and warm and muggy all day. I nearly melted in a store today because it was so humid and warm, and I didn't want to take my (light) jacket off because of a snack explosion that happened on the way there. (Just another reason why I should never wear white.)
I finally had to just bite the bullet and let the world know I had on a dirty shirt and take off my jacket after the cashier asked me if I was OK. I mumbled something about a "tropical moment" and mopped up my face - again.
So then I got home and unloaded, just in time for another downpour. I swear I saw Noah waving from the Ark as it went by LOL.
Enough already. I know, yes, my hyacinths look grand, but I'm craving sunshine!
(Click on light therapy lamp here.)
Between naps, I've been surfing.
I really like the new features on the Thousands of Bolts online store. They have a Quilter's Toolbox now where you can add fabrics to your wishlist and then design a quilt, plug in your fabrics and see how it will look. Then with a magical click of a button - you get an exact list of your fabric requirements for that project. AND you can just save your designs to your account or even share them. Like ! Check it out for youself!

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Christie, Describe Happy said...

I can totally relate to what you are saying! I am craving sunshine so badly -- even with using my day light bulb for the whole winter. Maybe they need to create a more intense sunshine bulb. *sigh* absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? And I have to admit the blah weather is allowing me tons of sewing time. If it's sunny out I am usually outside and not at my sewing table. Have a great weekend!