Wednesday, November 9, 2011

eBook reader cover-more playing with Jay McColl's "Habitat"

I had more of Jay McColl's "Habitat" fabric, so I just had to play. I made a new eBook cover for my Kobo Touch. Since the last one was denim, this time I made it girly. I don't get to do pink and lace very often since I'm the only girl in my house of a boy and 2 men.
So here goes.
First cut a panel of light cardboard twice the size of your eBook, adding an extra inch and a half to the longer side.
Cut one panel each of the front and inside fabric, the size of the cardboard plus a half inch seam allowance on all sides.
Cut one strip of contrast fabric 3" wide by the length of the other panels.
Cut one strip of outside fabric 2" wide and 3" longer than the contrast fabric.
You need about 12" of lace,
cut a 1" square of hook and loop tape (both parts) and a small piece about 1/4" wide.

Place the eReader on one end of the cardboard, 1/2" from the end. Mark this line on the cardboard. Do the same thing from the other end. You should now have a long rectangle with two lines across the middle. Score the lines and fold the cardboard along those lines, lay flat again and set aside.

Take the contrast fabric strip and fold under 1/4" along each long edge and press.
Place it centered on the right side across the length of the outside fabric and topstitch in place.
Take the strip of outer fabric and again press over 1/4" along each length. Center it on the contrast fabric, leaving the extra length extending out one side. Top stitch in place leaving the 1/2" seam allowance on the tab end free.
On the front of the fabric, stitch one part of the Velcro onto the center strip , 1/2" in from the edge without the extending piece.
Fold over the extending piece so the raw edge reaches 1" over the edge of that side of fabric. Mark the place for the other piece of Velcro and sew it only to the inside layer of the flap. Add decorative stitching at this point. Set aside.

On the right side of the inner fabric, center the eBook onto the right side, leaving 3/4" in from the right edge. Mark the top sides, 1" down from the top, and mark the top center. Mark the bottom sides 1" up from the bottom and the center bottom.
Taking one piece of lace, stitch the end (bar tack) to one mark on the top sides, measure it to the top center and add 3/4", then stitch it down at the top center mark, measure the same length and stitch that end to the mark on the other side of the top.
On the bottom, take a piece of lace 1" longer than the one you used on the top. Fold it in half and stitch one of the small pieces of Velcro to it so it sticks out like a tab. Now stitch the left and right ends to the left and right bottom marks the same way you did the top loops. Insert the eBook so the top corners go under the lace corners.

Top Bottom
Pull the bottom lace up over the bottom edge of the reader. Fold the lace down over the corners so it is similar to the top corners and mark the place underneath where the Velcro will meet. Set aside the eBook and stitch the other part of the Velcro at that spot.
Place the outer fabric and the inner fabric right sides together and stitch the 1/2" seam allowance around 3 sides. Be careful not to catch the Velcro piece in the side seam, and leave the end with the extending flap open.
Trim the corners, turn right side out and press.
Slide the cardboard into the pouch making sure the inside seam allowance stays flat and on one side of the cardboard so it doesn't bunch up.
On the open edge, fold in the seam allowance, folding the raw edge of the flap into the opening so it catches in the seam, leaving the rest of the flap extending out. Top stitch this opening closed.
Insert the eBook into the top lace loops and so the bottom of the reader is under the

bottom lace loop. Fold the lace over the bottom corners and secure the center piece of Velcro under the reader to the piece underneath. Fold over the cover and secure the Velcro flap.

Now, go read a book :)

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