Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Checkbook wallet and PINK Bobbins!

Yeah! More playing with fabric. In this case (and the
coupon wallet) I'm playing with Jay McColl's line called "Habitat" combined with some Kona solids.

I used a similar technique to the coupon wallet but started first with stitching the accent stripe of Habitat to the orange outer fabric.
Then I made a pocket in the front center section to hold a checkbook.

Then added a little flap because I use duplicate checks, so this prevents the copy of one imprinting the next copy. It's just two layers of fabric fused together and cut to size. No special finishing needed to the raw edges because the 'glue' also prevents fraying.

I added a zipper to two of the inner flaps to make it a coin purse. This involved a bit of creativity to get it in place, but it finally worked.

The last fold is a pocket for bills. You know, the $50's and $100's that never come to visit me. :)

And finally = the front and back views. Now I'll have no problem finding my checkbook in my purse.

When I was in my local Janome dealer today, they had these cute little boxes of pink bobbins. I don't know if they're a pink product for breast cancer awareness or not, but they had to come home with me. Now I'll be able to tell my 'good' bobbins from the cheapos that also inhabit my space.

That's it for now. Got to go bug my DS to get his homework done.

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