Friday, December 9, 2011

More Santa Sewing for FNSI

For FNSI this week, the doll clothes making continued. First, new leotards for the crew from some repurposed knit from a shirt bought at a thrift store . Muslin Sally is a standin for my great niece's "Lucy", who's well loved and all her stuffing has squeezed down to her bum!

Add a little tutu and they're ready to dance :)

Eyelet fabric makes cute summer nighties.....

Then it's dress up time. "Muslin Sally" has a trenchcoat and skirt combo, Goldie Bear has a pink/red/yellow print dress with poofy sleeves, and Spot is sporting her favorite yellow number with a bow on the front.

The designer is pooped for now, so that's it for tonight. It's a good start to the 'box' of clothes for my great nieces. I've suggested to my niece (their mom) that when they graduate to "real" dolls, that she get them the same size doll. That way they can practise sharing clothes, to get ready for their teen years when they'll be doing it for real !

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