Thursday, December 15, 2011

Packing up Santa's Workshop

I finished up the lot of doll clothes that I've been sewing lately. The box is full, so I'm done. Here's a few pics of the last creations - some dresses, some hoodies, and some pant and vest sets.

Hoodies, and lacy blouses
Dresses of many colours
Summer jammies, and doll quilts
Vest and pants sets - retro to the '70's
Vest over lacy blouse, and another hoodie for the small bear
Sundress, shortie overall, denim vest set and dolly diapers!

Now I have to get down to some serious quilting. I miss it!

The second FNSI for December is this Friday, however, it coincides with my son's school Christmas concert so I'll be there instead of sewing. This year, his grade is in Junior Band. He'll be doing his first school concert as a drummer. He was wondering aloud tonight if he'll be able to use the big drumset that's in the church, or whether he'll have to just use the snare drum from school. I was amazed when he said he'd prefer to use the big drumset! Usually he's so shy about any kind of public performance. Could it be ?? that he's getting over that? (fingers crossed)

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Pat said...

Wow! You have been busy! What adorable clothes! Some girls are going to be very happy.