Sunday, December 18, 2011

A new project

A little while ago, I met a woman who asked me to make a quilt of her late husband's neck ties. Although I had heard of them, I had never made one. I was grateful then, that she had a photograph of what she had in mind. So home I came with four hangers full of ties, and a plan.
It took me a while to get started on this quilt, I did a lot of planning in my head , while I finished up some projects on my schedule. I spent some time taking the ties apart and removing the center interfacing.
So, now I've started. I made a paper template for the center medallion. After pinning the ties in place (half the circle at a time) I used a ladder stitch (#108 on my Horizon) to join the ties together. Some of this was a bit tricky as the silk ties tend to slip and twist because they're all cut on the bias.
I'm not going to post photos until the quilt is done and given to its recipient, but I will describe how it's going.
The background fabric will be the same satin that I used for the church banners, even the same colour.
The backing will be a beautiful forest green flannel.
Check in once in a while for an update. I'll be glad to "see" you.

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