Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Uncle Art

My Uncle Art passed away last night.  He was 75. 
My Uncle led a medical miracle kind of life.  In his younger years, he survived a terrible construction accident when a cement beam collapsed.  It was later found to have defective re-bar.  He had fractures, but survived.  I remember him driving his car using a piece of 2x4 to push the clutch, casted leg sticking out the window.  He was that kind of guy. 
He and my aunt raised 4 wonderful kids.  They have all gone on to professional careers - 3 vets and 1 teacher.  All have wonderful musical talents that their mother nurished during her lifetime.  She passed away from cancer 2 years ago.  They both lived to see their grandchildren.
The biggest event in my uncle's life happened in 1986.  He was near death, in heart failure, when he received a heart transplant.  That was amazing.  To see someone recover as he did, is a medical miracle.
Even years later when he needed a valve surgery - on his transplanted heart - he still beat the odds and recovered well.
Art was an active member in the musical community in his town where he and his wife played music in several ensembles. 
This retired farmer served his Lord well.
Rest in peace Uncle Art.

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