Thursday, February 2, 2012

A personal note....gambling.

I am in trouble.  I put myself there.  If I can prevent one person falling into the same trap, this admission will be worth it.
I've frittered away my spending money for the month and it's only the 2nd.  There.  I've said it. 
I fell for one of those ads on Facebook where it tells you that you can get an iPad for $ 0.50 or a computer for $3.00..  Sure, it looks great, but you know what they mean when "if it looks too good to be true..."
The company is QuiBids.  It looks legit enough and all, and I did win a few bids to start, but then the only things I'd win were vouchers for more bids.  That's right, you pay to buy bids.  To buy them outright, they cost you $0.60 each.  If you win a bid at $3.00 and use 5 bids to win it, then it really cost you $3 plus $3 for bids plus $xxx in taxes *on the value of the item, not what you paid, plus the handling/shipping fee of $1 and up.
IT IS ADDICTING - STAY AWAY - REALLY.!!  You bid, and it adds time to the clock and then you wait until the time runs out, but if someone else bids before the clock runs out, it adds the time back to the clock again.  So, basically, if it's down to 2 seconds, and someone else is leading, you click to bump them out, but then it adds time and allows other bidders to bump you out.  But if you wait too long to hit that button, the auction can close and you're out of luck.
Like I said, I've put myself in trouble.  I have now deleted my account, and if I knew how to block that website from my computer, I would. (any suggestions out there?)
Then there is the "I should have known" factor.  I know I have a problem with stopping whatever when I should.  Like auctions, bingo, lottery cards, just spending in general, etc.  Part of it is my bipolar disorder, but since I know that about myself, you'd think I'd see it and stop.  But no.  It doesn't work that way.
So, as I said.  If anyone else can be prevented from getting sucked into this money hole, my story will have been worth it.
Stay safe.

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