Saturday, March 17, 2012

FNSI results for March 16

Yay!  I did get some quilting done yesterday, but not in the evening.  My DS had a friend over for a sleepover Thursday night and the plan was to bring him home around noon.  So, I quilted "my brains" out during the morning.
Then my son came in at 11:30 looking very pale.  "Mom, I got a stick in my eye and it went in so bad that I had to pull it out."  
Well that got my attention.  So, I called the friend's mom and she came to pick him up so off to the ER we went.  By then of course, he was "fine."  But this mom isn't taking any chances when eyes are concerned. 
He did try.  He really did.  But getting drops into his eye was quite a battle.  He's a squinter, and a squirmer, and has 'jumpy' reflexes, so it took about 40 tries, but finally a drop went in.  The doc had a look and declared he had done no damage. (It had gone in between the eye and the socket - not right into the eye.  So homeward bound we were.
I got some more quilting done in the afternoon until supper time.
Then we had a bittersweet event in the evening.  We had a "date" with his Big Brother mentor to say goodbye.  The gentleman is going to medical school and probably moving to Michigan, unless he gets a last minute admission to our University.  Regardless of whether he stays or moves, he's not going to have the time to commit to being a BB next year.  So we had our "close the match" event, at a  bowling alley.  We did have a good time, but when it came time to part, there were a few tears choked back.  We both will really miss C.V. , but we are happy for him that he's about to start the next chapter of his life.
So basically, when we got home, we cuddled up and watched tv and talked.  It just wasn't the time to be off in my own world quilting.

So, here are my results for yesterday.  I got a good start on quilting the Dresden plate quilt.


Larissa said...

Ooh!!! I LOVE this quilting!!! Do you use a long arm or normal stationary-on-the-table machine? ... Your dresdens look great too! Fantastic fabric combination!!!

Nancy said...

Beautiful work on your quilt. I am glad your son's eye is ok. Eye injuries are terrifying.

Teresa said...

Larissa, I do own a quilting frame that I use my Janome Horizon on, but this quilt I did with the Horizon on the table. I find FMQ more versatile than on a frame where I'm limited to the width between the rollers. Thanks for asking :)