Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movie manners Rant

Ok, I'm airing some opinions here.  I hope those of you who read it understand.
This afternoon, I took my son to see the movie "The Hunger Games."  It's a really good movie.
We had the misfortune of sitting beside a group of 5 teenage girls.  Now, ordinarily, I would not consider this a problem.
It became a problem when each one of them took a minimum of 3 trips out of the theatre causing each one of the rest of us in the row to pick up drinks and popcorn, move purse, stand up to let them out, and in a few minutes, repeat for the return visit.
I get pissed when that happens!  I don't mean the one person who has to go out to take care of business.  I mean when one person, or a group of people take it for granted that their needs supercede another's need for a nice time at an event.
So, after a few coughs, and a few "are you finished" comments failed to stop the ebb and flow of these girls, I went to see the manager and complain.  I don't know about you, but when it costs me over $40 to go to the movies with my son, I expect a good time.
Thankfully, the manager agreed.  And he apologized with a pair of tickets for a future movie.
Thank you manager.  Well played.

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