Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ready, Set, GO !

The spirit got willing again yesterday and I fired up the sewing machine.  Thank goodness.  I thought the fog I was in wasn't going to lift, but a few mornings of sunshine helped move those blues away.
Yesterday I laid out the blocks for the second Dresden Plate quilt.  I managed to get them all appliqued onto the background fabric.  Today I roughly sketched in the spines for the feathers and got the thing sandwiched.  I ran out of 505 basting spray, so the back is spray basted, and the top is pin basted.  I guess that is the best of both worlds eh?
Today was a cold, rainy day.  We even had snow pellets.  I spent the afternoon doing my volunteer hours in my son's school library and missed the snow!  The library is one of the few rooms in the inner corridor where there are no windows. 
My son also got a dose of independence today.  Usually on my library day, he comes home with me rather than on the bus.  Today, he had forgotten to tell the bus driver that he would not be on this afternoon (a requirement at his school) so, instead of going out to tell her, he asked if he could just take the bus and go home alone.  I did a big maternal 'gulp' and handed him the house keys.  "Ok, honey, just be sure to let the dog out when you get there ok?  I'll do some grocery shopping on the way home so you'll be alone about 45 minutes."
My son's first day as a latch key kid. Sigh.  He's growing up too fast.
All was fine when I returned, except for unloading groceries in the pouring rain :(
The dog even got her turn outside!  For a kid that can't remember to put his socks on in the morning, he did well!
Maybe this little dose of independence will foster more?   Who am I kidding.......

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