Sunday, September 2, 2012

Who doesn't need a quilty binder for back to school?

My son likes playing Minecraft.  Actually, he lives and breathes Minecraft.  So, when the back to school shopping happened, the black vinyl binders just didn't cut it and I offered to make a quilted cover.  He surprised me when he said "that would be cool.!"
Wow, what a great son!
So the thinking began.  How do you make a masculine binder cover that he would be proud of when his favorite colors are black, gray, and black.
So, inspiration struck.  Why not made a pixelated quilt with a minecraft theme.
An idea was born.  Have a peek.
Yes, those are 3/4" squares of fabric fused onto a base fabric, and then quilted.
I think it turned out pretty well,  and so does he :)

So, just like many of our photo sessions, it ended up with a photo of Rob and Neeka.  They're both cutie pies!

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