Sunday, September 23, 2012

FNSI, Life got in the way

Sorry blogpeeps, I have nothing to show for FNSI.  Life, as it often does got in the way.  Friday, I had to take my darling, extremely needle-phobic son to the doctor for his Grade 7 vaccines - hepatitis B and meningococcal.  Yes, 2 shots. I didn't tell him that part.  I picked him up at school early and off we went, his nerves getting the best of him all the way.  I asked him when we got there if he wanted to go in alone, or have me come along and I got a shrug, with "I don't know."  So when the time came, I just let him go.  Sob.  My baby is growing up.  The doc checked in with me and said he did fine.  Then he followed, arms crossed in front of him, hands holding each shoulder.  But he hadn't passed out - so that's good.  We had opted to have our family physician do the shots instead of having him line up with his classmates just to prevent any "loss of face" if he started to shake (the usual), cry (the usual) or pass out (often.)  Unfortunately the doctor told him about the booster shot in 6 months.  Oh, Happy March Break that will be.

Then I got the phonecall from my best buddy that her mom had passed away in the night.  Her mom had been in palliative care for 5 1/2 months with pancreatic cancer, so my buddy expressed a sigh of relief that it was finally over for her mom.  We spent a long time on the phone. 

So, that's why FNSI didn't happen.  Maybe I'll do better next month.


Kelli said...

If it makes you feel any better, I completely forgot about it last month, and I had nothing like that going on! Sorry you had such a rough day, and life definitely takes priority in circumstances like that. Take Care,

Jennifer W. said...

I've missed months as well. Life just happens sometimes and you have to go with it. Hopefully next month will work out better for you. :)