Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Janome Jem Platinum 720

I stopped by my Janome dealership today because I saw a sign advertising Janome Quilting Machines for $200 off.  Always on the lookout for bargains, and anything quilty, I had to investigate.
I hadn't read any buzz about a new quilting machine so I was intrigued.
Enter the Janome Jem Platinum 720

At first, she looks small.  But then, that's a bonus in a take to class or on the road machine.  But she's not a lightweight.  She's got metal parts inside, and a lot of bling for your buck.

First of all there is the sleek styling that I've come to expect from Janome.  This model is computerized, has 20 stitches and several feet including the 1/4" foot, the walking foot and the open toe darning/quilting foot, among others.  The machine has a detachable bed for use freearm.  The feed dogs do go down for quilting.  It has the needle down button, as well as a start/stop button should you prefer not to use the foot control.

What caught my attention were the stitch selections for quilting.  There are two "hand quilting" stitches, short and long where the machine triple stitches one stitch, moves ahead one stitch leaving a single thread and does the triple stitch again.  The result is the look of hand stitching.  If you have matching thread to your quilt top, you won't even see the single stitch in the middle.
For the lovers of applique, there are some nice touches.  There is the blanket stitch, one in each direction - left or right, and there is a baby blanket stitch which is so tiny and cute!
It has the usual assortment of zig zag, blind hem, serger stitch etc that Janome is known for.  It also has that great speed regulator slider to keep the machine at an even speed for those of us who hit the pedal to the metal.

Oh, and the price??   It retails for $899.00 Can  but is on sale at the Sewing Superstore, London for $699.00 Can until next weekend.
If you want to see this little "Jem" (pun intended), head over and take her for a test drive.  This shop also offers layaway plans - can you say Christmas anyone?

(Note: I am not affiliated with the Janome company or the Sewing Superstore other than being a sewist who loves them. )

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