Monday, August 2, 2010

Winding Ways Quilt

Finally finished. I won't tell you how long it took me to complete this. I took this on for a customer who asked that it be completed in memory of her twin sister who loved to sew, and look for 4 leaf clovers. It arrived in a pile of scissor cut blocks and strips. The pattern was a page from a desk calendar. So after enlarging the pattern on the photocopier to exactly the right size, I cut out each 4 leaf clover by exacto knife because I wanted to be able to use both the positive and the negative, and I couldn't get the crisp corners with a scissor. The all the applique. Now, I'm not usually an applique lover, but I like the way this turned out. I ended up putting the blocks together and then doing the topstitching because otherwise the joins where the blocks meet at a topstitching point were too thick. I kept the quilting quite simple to show off the applique and because of the customer's preference. For the label I used the inkjet printer on cotton. Then made a tiny quilt block of scrap fabric and bound it. I put the label on it and attached it to the back. This way if she ever has to repair the quilt, she has some spare fabric and some spare binding! I sure hope she loves it!

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