Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010 is in the bag.

Seriously, the best part of Christmas is worshipping the King. A close second is when your child absolutely is blown away by a gift.
Rob didn't know it when he opened his gift with the PC games, that it was a hint.
He didn't know it, when he opened the headphones, that it was a hint.
He thought he had scored the bigtime when he opened the Lego kit that he sooo wanted.

Then he got to the last gift. He squeezed it - it was squishy. He lifted it - it was a bit heavy. He shook it a bit - no rattle. He was stumped. Then he opened the bag. He carefully unwrapped the blanket that surrounded it to disguise it, and found his "new" laptop computer. He was speechless. He quickly loaded the games I had given him and slipped on the headphones. He's been playing educational games ever since - he's even doing math games - on purpose! And I'm loving it.
He also loves his new pj pants that I made for him. When I told him I sewed them right in front of him, he was stunned. Really? Of course, I said, I always hide things in plain sight. He he and a Ho Ho HO!

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