Saturday, December 18, 2010

FNSI, Dec 17th.

The second Friday Night Sew In for the month of December was a bit of a bust at our house. I really didn't get a good start until about 10:00 pm. Let me explain.
First, my darling son was home all day. Again. There seems to be a problem with this child getting sick the day after being home for a snow day, or two, or three. The next day - boom. Sore throat, fever, you name it. So, he was home. He did nap a bit, but basically, I was on duty all day, and let's face it, I'm used to the "me" time when he's at school. So, call me selfish.
By the time I had him tucked into bed at night, it was already 9:30. Now, how did that happen so fast?
I decided to start the Sew In by tidying up my sewing area. Here's proof. Now, before you worry that I've lost it, all that crap beside the machine is UNDER the clear extension table, so it doesn't count! I can tell I cleaned up, because I can see my cutting mat. Woohoot!

By then, it was ten. So I got started. I'm still working on the stars and blocks for my next quilt. I need 80 blocks, so this might take me another few days. But I did get 7 of the friendship star blocks done this night. I think that's pretty good.

So here's where the progress is so far.
Nine different styles of blocks. Fifty-eight blocks and counting.
The stack is getting higher! Now, to look for another style of star.
A-surfing I will go,
a-surfing I will go,
high ho the derry oh,
a-surfing I will go!

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Christie, Describe Happy said...

Wonderful progress even with the late start. Hope your son is feeling better!