Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dejunkifying !!!

I know as a quilter a stash is a necessity.
As a homeowner, a junk stash easily gets out of hand.
So, this week is dejunkifying week. I rented one of those "dumpster" style bins - bright yellow so ALL the neighbours can see that it's there - and hired a pair of my favorite student worker bees to help.
If I do this again in 20 years, remind me to get a bigger bin. The back yard is looking a LOT better - I had let the weeds take over so it took some work to see the flagstone again. The weed-wacker that I've had for 17 years blew up and died after 3 hours so I did go buy a new one. What a difference! It was like going from a bicycle to a Cadillac!
We also got some dead furniture out of the basement, and got a bedframe out of my son's room.
He's happy because now with just the one twin (instead of a twin over double bunk) he has a lot more room!
We're done for today, but the young men are coming again tomorrow at 8 am for round two.
No quilting today.... :(

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wackywoman said...

Hi Terresa, I tried to reply to your comment and you are set to no-reply. You can change that in your settings so that we can reply to your comments. Just wanted to say that my Trudy is my shadow. She is where ever I am. My best friend. :-)