Sunday, July 24, 2011

FNSI results - Margaret's garden

Friday night I worked on "Margaret's Garden". I designed this quilt specially for someone. The background is alternating diamonds of the same value of sage green. The brown sashing is 3/4" to look like a garden trellis. The vines are appliqued on. First I made the bias tape and fused Steam a Seam strips onto the back - it comes on a roll in different widths so that was easy enough.
The flowers are individually designed based on the space they take up and to balance the yellow and orange colors throughout the quilt. Friday night I worked on adding more of the flowers and got lots (!) of leaves cut out and ready to go. The quilt will probably need another 5-6 hours before it's ready to quilt. When I do, I'm going to echo quilt around the applique vines and flowers, then do 1 1/2" crosshatching in the diamonds. I haven't decided yet whether to add borders to this quilt. I'm going to put a 1" brown sashing around the perimeter to identify the edges of the main quilt. Then it might depend on how much fabric I have left in the dark green, whether I add it as a border or not. The light green is out of the question. I have less than a fat quarter left!
I used an applique stitch # 52 on my Horizon for the flowers and leaves. I like how it gives the pieces a feathered edge. So here's a glimpse of how it looks so far thanks to my 10 yr old photographer.

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Christie, Describe Happy said...

Wow, what a neat idea to fashion a trelis and flowers! Looks like you are making lots of progress on it!