Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ok, so I can't sew a straight line, now what?

I started quilting the "Margaret's Garden" quilt. I was doing 1" crosshatching in the diamonds. I tried using painters tape to show me where to stitch. Since I was also echo stitching around the appliques, I was using my quilting foot instead of my walking foot. With my walking foot, straight lines are easy peasy. With the quilting foot, not so much.
Even doing my best to follow the edge of the painters tape, the results were terrible. Any area where I had to backtrack was down right ugly and worse on the back. So I spent an hour frog stitching.
I've seen videos of longarmers using rulers for their crosshatching, so I rummaged around in my pile of "stuff" and pulled out my "Add a quarter" ruler. I love this ruler for its intended purpose - adding a quarter inch seam allowance to a seam line.
Now, to convert it.
The thick edge of the ruler - where it adds the "quarter" is thick enough that it doesn't slide under the foot.

Then I used painters tape to indicate the width of my crosshatching pattern. By adding it to the back of the ruler, it also helps to prevent slipping of the ruler. So now I line up the edge of the painters tape with the previous stitching line, and stitch the next line with the quilting foot right against the thick edge of the ruler.

I'm proud to say - it's working. So I guess, with training wheels, I can stitch a straight line! Yay!

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Christie, Describe Happy said...

Very creative solution and it just sounds too cool! Thanks for the ideas!