Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can't keep a secret

We have a dreaded disease in our family. None of us can keep a secret in a brown paper bag!
So naturally, I can't keep the Margaret's Garden quilt under my hat until it's quilted like I said I would. I have all the vines sewn on. The vines that are supposed to go behind the trellis, I tucked in by opening the seam just enough to slip the vine through ( cut in the middle) on each side, then resewed the little seams and trapped the vine fabric in the seam.
Now I'm working on the applique flowers. I have to admit that I never found applique to my liking, whether by hand or machine. But this time is different. Maybe it's just that free motion quilting is something I love, and I wanted to do a bit of thread painting, so this time, the applique is allowing me to do just that. I'm designing each flower as I go depending on how much that area of the quilt needs a colour burst. I have lots to do still, but so far I'm liking how it's coming along. What do you think?

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501 Quilt Blocks said...

It's going to be so beautiful! I love how the center vine is twining around the trellis. Very cool!