Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting there.....

Well, the stud walls are in. After spending two days trying to get the electrical repairs figured out- to move two fixture boxes, move an outlet, add 2 outlets, and move 2 switches, I gave up. I tripped that breaker box so often I should have hired someone just to stand there and turn it off and on!
Seriously, there was some screwy wiring going on there.
So, I broke down and hired an electrician. Jim came to my rescue and even he, a licensed electrician took 3 hours to get things straightened out. (and he told me it was screwy!)
So now, da ta daaaa! We're ready for drywall. The walls of course, but also all the fixits for the new openings, old openings, and "oops" openings.
Hopefully, if all goes well, the room will be done before the young man moves in :P
And if he doesn't, well then I get my studio! Win win! I like that.

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