Saturday, September 24, 2011

That overwhelming time of year...

It must be September. This happens every year. Finally when the weather gets to be mild enough, yet sunny enough to be outside and enjoy it, life throws me curveballs and I can't get out. Yes, I'm whining. You've been reading about my renovation exploits, but to add to that, I'm altering a wedding dress for a good friend who is getting married "sometime in October." Well, they finally got the ok from the priest, and yes, the date is...........October 1st ! Whaaaaaaaaat?
I don't do well with deadlines, but this one is sneaking up on me. We finished her dress this week, and last night I finished switching out the white flowers on the flower girl dress to pink bows. I washed the veil - it was yellowed, and it came out very well, but now I'm going to sew tiny, as in TINY pink beads around the edge of the veil. Thanks bride, I needed that. I'm trying really hard not to transfer my anxieties to the bride, as she has enough of her own, but, ahem, just where am I supposed to find a dress for me to wear to this wedding in one week? I sew well, but fabric for a dress, or buying a dress just isn't in the budget before the first of the month. Hmmm, I wonder if I could buy a dress between the stores opening at 10 am, and the wedding at 11 am on saturday. I suppose stranger things have happened.
At least the downstairs boarder is moving in today and not next weekend.
And this week did have a high point - my son met his new drum teacher and "like" happened. He was actually smiling and practising without nagging!! this week. Oh bliss - please say that's going to last :)
Oh, and remind me never to get married in the RC church. There are waaaay too many hoops to leap through before you get "approved." As if that's going to make the difference. I'd rather spend my energies on my fiance and my wedding instead of worring if the priest will do this, and the bishop will do that, and etc, etc, etc. From my view - they're lucky that anyone goes through that.
Don't get me wrong. I am a Christian, and if I were to get married it would be in a church before God and "all assembled there". But as for man made red tape? I have no patience for that.
Just sayin'

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