Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oops, it didn't happen

Last night was FNSI. I remembered it this morning.
It just didn't happen here last night. I spent the evening picking up my son's friend, seeing a lady about a quilt that I will quilt for her, taking said friend home and spending the evening tossing food into the 'man cave' every so often to keep the 11 yr olds happy on their sleepover. They actually did get some sleep, and so did I.
This morning I spent an hour sanding drywall mud. Woohoot! What a party - not!
At least the room is ready for paint now. All I have to do is buy it and use it.
Right now, however, my hands are killing me, so I've got them on ice, and I'm resting my bones.
The boys are outside having a Nerf gun war, and in a half hour I need to bring the friend home.
That's why FNSI fell off my radar last night. Sorry. Maybe next month.

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Donna said...

thanks for your comment Teresa - I will definitely plug away at it! knowing me it will be done in 2 weeks, I think that may be doable. sorry you had such a busy day/evening and hope your hands feel better soon! we spent an hour cleaning up weeds, leaves, etc from the landscape beds so I am tired already!