Monday, October 31, 2011

Coupon Wallet tutorial, and urgh - blogger issues.

I've been trying for two days to post a tutorial for a coupon wallet. Blogger wouldn't let me post more than 3 photos, and it's a photo-laden tutorial.. Urgh!
So, for now, I finally tamed the monster. For those of you who can follow instructions without the aid of photos, this would be no problem. (I don't qualify there!) For those of us who need visual aids, here goes!

Coupon Wallet

A fat quarter or two fat eighths, minimum Cut 2 pieces – one 18” X 9” (Outside fabric)

One 21” X 9” (Inside fabric)

Fusible interfacing - cut one 18”X 8” light to med weight

Heat N Bond - cut three 3” X 8” and one 2” X 8” and one 5 ½”X 8”

1” piece of velcro – both parts.

Instructions Read all instructions before starting.

Fuse large interfacing piece to wrong side of outside fabric , place 2” strip of fusible on top of the interfacing and two inches in from the left edge. Fuse in place fuse 2”X8”

Place 5 ½” piece of fusible on top of the interfacing along the right edge, line it up right at the right edge.

The interfacing and fusible will be ½” narrower than the outside fabric – this is for seam allowance.

Fold the inside fabric, wrong sides together and press along the fold.

Fold each side , accordion style so it makes a folded piece with three panels and two “pockets”

/\_/\_/\ Press well, then open and lay wrong side up.

Fuse the three 3” pieces of fusible to every other section of the wrong side of the fabric making sure the edge of the fusible is right along the folded line.

Refold the fabric, one section at a time and fuse each one. You should now have three vertical pieces joined at the bottom with a fold. Set aside.

Take your outside fabric and fold the 2” left edge over the fusible and fuse in place. Take care that it completely covers the 2” fusible piece.

Mark the outside edge center and sew the loop (scratchy side) square of velcro on the outside of the bonded area – right along the edge.

Fold the right edge over 5 ½” and finger press - DO NOT FUSE YET. Open and turn right side up.

Mark the spot for the soft spot of velcro right along the fold on the 5 ½” side. It should be on the 5 ½” side of the fold. Sew in place.

Fold the right side , right sides together along the previous fold line.

Mark the two outer corners along the fold line down to an inch down on the sides with a straight line or curve - whatever shape you want the front flap corners to be. Stitch along your markings from the fold towards the cut edge but stop your stitching at the edge of the interfacing. Do not go onto the seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance = only along where you stitched.

Turn this flap right side out and push out the corners, trimming where necessary.

Place outside fabric right side up. Fold the loose part of the flap up and pin out of the way.

Open the folded inside piece of fabric so one side has 2 flaps and the other 1 flap. Place it right side down onto the right side of the outer fabric so that the 2 folds line up along the 2” folded edge and the 1 flap lines up along where you folded the outer flap up.

Carefully stitch a ½” seam on the folded inner fabric from the spot where the top flap is folded, down to the folded edge where the 2 flaps and the outer folded edge meet. Grade the seams.

Fold the sewn part inside out so the seam allowance is now hidden inside. Press out the seam and fold the whole unit in half so the left edge is now equal to the other edge of the inner fabric. This makes the divisions of your wallet. The scratchy part of the velcro should now be on the outside edge of the folded part.

Take the upper flap part and fold the seam allowances to the inside. You may trim the excess seam allowance at an angle but do not go within an inch of the place where you stitched. Tuck the loose end of the flap inside the wallet between the first flap and the wrong side of the back of the wallet.

The soft piece of velcro should be on the inner edge of the flap. Fuse the top flap together, taking care along the velcro so it doesn’t wrinkle.

Topstitch from one bottom corner (through all layers), along the edge of the top flap and down the other side (through all the layers.)

Fold top flap down and secure the velcro.

You have your wallet!

Yeah, this finally worked.

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