Saturday, January 21, 2012

FNSI results

Despite several setbacks ( :O ) yesterday, I did make some significant progress on Jean's quilt. I got the FMQ done in the main body of the quilt. There still is the top section that covers the pillows, and the sashing and borders to do, but I still think I got a lot done.
The vines are fused, then stitched down. The leaves are tacked on, or floating. The floating ones are just stitched down the center, so the fold up 3D style. That allowed me to continue lines underneath the leaves!

Here's the photo of the quilt so far.

Now I get to have fun this week checking all the other entrants' blogs to see what wonderful things they worked on for FNSI.

I doubt I'll get more done on it today as my sewing students are coming this afternoon. We're going to work on their flannel pj pants. Hopefully we'll get them done and choose our next project.
ttfn. Go Sew!


Rhonda said...

Your quilting details are fab!

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Hi, my name is Teresa and I also have a mini schnauzer. Isn't that curious. i love your quilt.

Cindy said...

Your quilt is fabulous! So beautiful!

Happy quilting!

pinsandneedles said...

I think that you got quite a bit done! I love the idea of floating leaves for a 3D effect.