Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Dad's Birthday

Today we celebrated my Dad's 80th birthday.  For a number of reasons, this was remarkable.  First of all - he's 80 !  As my Mom lamented this week, "how did that happen?"  (She was not at all pleased when I remarked that she's not that far behind - go figure!)  Secondly, we had a lovely brunch at a new to most-of-us restaurant, and everyone liked it.  You see, of late, my parents idea of a "nice dinner out" and my sibs and I, our ideas are totally different.  We FINALLY let Mom and Dad in on it that we really didn't like spending our money on such mediocre food that the "usual" place had.  Turns out, they were suggesting that place because they were concerned about the cost if we went elsewhere, as most of us have children in tow.  Now that that cat was out of the bag, it turns out they had been entertaining friends at the "Old Mill Inn" in Tillsonburg lately.  So that's where my brother made reservations for us today.  The food was great.  The atmosphere was great.  We had 20 people sitting down - raging in age from 2 - 80 and all had a good time.  Oh, and yes, we are a rowdy bunch when we get together - lots of laughter and carrying on - and the staff joined right in.  I really enjoyed myself, and my fussier than fussy son even ate.  Not a great variety, but he ate!
Thirdly.  We actually got together on a special day to celebrate - on the exact day!  Now, this "never" happens in our family.  Dad always worked shiftwork, so occassions were adapted around his schedule.  Then when the older kids got part time jobs, we adapted even more, to accommodate that.  Then some of us were nurses, don't even start on that shift issue, and Sunday shopping started happening, so my brother in grocery retail had to start pulling Sunday shifts, and things got more complicated.  Add to the mix, some moving overseas, some moving south, some moving north, and it is now quite rare that we all get together.  So, despite the Ottawa Four, and the Bermuda Duo not being in attendance, and the January weather being so-so,  the rest of the gang was there - except for 2 who are now in the student-job scenario.
But we celebrated.  And we had a good time.  And we had good food.  And all in attendance were healthy (~give or take). 
We are blessed.
Happy Birthday Dad.

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