Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finally finished! Canadian Comfort and Remembrance Project Quilt

Ok. I think this one gets the prize for my longest project in process. My son's school principal bought my services to make a quilt in NOVEMBER 2008. Now, in my defence, it did take months to agree on what pattern to make, and then I asked if any Guild members would like to make a block and 17 did! But it took 4 months to get all the blocks back. So that takes 10 months off the completion time, Right? So now we're down to 11 months. Which is still embarrassing to me. But now it is done. And now this quilt will be donated by the school principal to the Canadian Comfort and Remembrance Project, which is part of the Quilt of Valour program. This particular pattern is reserved for giving to the family of a soldier lost in action.

I hope they will look at the time and love that has gone into it and know how grateful all Canadians are for the ultimate gift their soldier has given.

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