Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blog reading.

Well, since I found out about the Friday Night Sew In, it has put me in touch with a whole new world of quilting bloggers! I've spent hours (!) cruising through the blogs of fellow quilters.
I did manage to put in a couple of hours working on a practise quilt on the Inspira frame. The quilting's coming along ok, but I'm frustrated with the meagre 4" that I can quilt with my Janome QC 6260. It only has a 6 1/2" throat so that's pretty small. It has me questioning whether I'll be satisfied with the 9" throat on the Pfaff I ordered. I'm starting to wonder if I should talk to the shop about changing my order to the new Janome Horizon. It's a beautiful machine and comes with 11" of quilting space. Now that would be nice. Now, is it worth the extra $1500.00 ???
Why does everything have to come down to money? Decisions, decisions...

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Carol A. Babineau said...

If you go over to 365 days of quilting, you will see her write-up of the Janome Horizon with the larger throat. :)