Saturday, June 25, 2011

New photos, and "the process"

So, now I do have photos. Let me walk you through the process of designing what I have decided to call "Margaret's Garden".
This is my original doodle.
And the revised version.

Then came the designing of the trellis, with calculating how large the diamonds need to be to get the size of the quilt right. Then the making of the template for the diamonds.

Add a couple of notations to remind me of the settings for the needle position and stitch length.

Here are the beautiful fabrics. The dark green will be the vine and leaves.

Count out the number of diamonds and half diamonds that need sashing and add to one side. The sashing on the other side will be added as a long strip between rows.

And that's all I'm going to show you until it's ready for quilting. I'm looking forward to doing the applique as it's not something that I've done much of. I can only guarantee it won't be done by hand - as I even sew buttons on by machine. But the "wheels are turning" as to weaving the vine over and under the "trellis", cutting the fabric away from behind the flowers so that I don't try to quilt through several seam allowances at once, planning to do a little thread painting for detail on the flowers and leaves, etc. And the creative thinking just keeps going.
I'm sure I'll be sharing some frustrations along the way.
The good thing is, several of the ladies at my Monday group are excellent applique-ers. So I'll have them to go to for ideas.
Wish me luck!

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