Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Night SewIn Results

I did sew last night but it wasn't a whole lot. My DS has a Big Brother - a mentor for boys who don't have a Dad to turn to. It was Big Brother night at our house last night too. He came in sporting a very nice wool vest that his wife had given him for his birthday. But he had a problem. The wool on the standup collar was chafing his neck and driving him crazy. He asked if anything could be done for that - well, Lady McGyver to the rescue!!!!!!. I found a suitable fabric in my stash = see, a stash is a good thing. Then just traced the shape of the collar to make a pattern. Cut 2 of fabric and one of light weight fusible interfacing and sew around the perimeter leaving an opening of 3-4 inches for turning it right side out. Using scissors I graded the seam allowance and made notches where the curves had to turn inwards. Turn right side out, press and topstitch around the outer edge. I then sewed it by hand right into the crevice where the collar met the body of the vest. It turned out pretty good. Most of all, he loved it. Now he can wear his birthday present in comfort. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before he left. Darn.
I guess I haven't lost my garment sewing skills by doing only quilting for the last few years after all. :)
Hope you had a productive evening and I'm looking forward to reading all the blogs and seeing your pictures!

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Anonymous said...

But that's the best kind of sewing... the kind that makes another person happy. So I'd say that was a successful FNSI!