Friday, October 14, 2011

A weak moment, and the aftermath...

Last weekend, I caved in. My mommy sense was not working very well I guess. I allowed my son to talk me into (with the salesman's help) buying a PS3. Now, I can rationalize the purchase, as in, the technology is moving to all BluRay, the controllers are more ergonomically friendly for the serious gamer, the package with the game was a really good deal, this system should last him well into University, etc ......
We already have a Wii, so there was NO WAY we were keeping both. So, we put the Wii console and games on Kijiji. I love that site. I've bought and sold a ton of stuff on kijiji over the years. Tonight, the console with 3 games sold. And another person in on their way over to buy another of the games. Only 5 more to go.
So now DS thinks that any $$ earned by selling the Wii should go to him and therefore to the purchase of more PS3 games. Uh, NO. He is a savvy shopper, and has no problem buying used games for less cost, but this time he caught me on a "tough mommy" day. So he got a stipend, and the rest went in MY bank account.
At least the cash gives me another reason to rationalize the PS3 purchase, for every $ I get back from the Wii, the cost of the PS3 becomes a better deal.
What have you blown the budget on lately? Care to share? No? Ok, I know the feeling. You get a pass this time.
As for sewing, I've started on the church banners - I got a 36" square photocopy made of the pattern at Staples for under $10. That sure beats me going through a package of ink and paper trying to blow it up big enough. Today I traced out the pattern on some fusible web so I can use that to attach the reverse applique pieces in place and prevent fraying of the cut edges at the same time. I am going to do a practise piece first though as I'm scared to start on the big pieces of satin until I've gotten my "sea legs" on a swatch first.
I also put in for a quote for the lettering from a local embroidery business. I don't have an embroidery machine, and I don't think this is a case for winging it. Hopefully their quote is within the budget.
Tonight though, I'm doing the couch potato thing. Doggie at my side, DS playing a far too life-like war game on the tv, and the darned cat going around meowing like her life depends on it.
That's about it for now.

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