Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mommy moments. Ugh!

I got an email from a teacher at my DS's school today. Apparently DS handed in a test today - blank. Last night I tried to quiz him on the content and he gave me a very hard time about it, then stated the information correctly - conjugating the verb "avoir" in french. So I know he knew it. But he insists he doesn't. And to make things worse, he has been "disconnected" in that class for quite a while. I know he doesn't like the class, he says "french hurts my brain." But that's too bad because it is a compulsory subject, and failing it is not an option. So, I had to play bad cop tonight.
When he got home, I gave him his snack. Then read the riot act. The playstation and the computer are 'gone' until he pulls up his socks. And there are three papers on the table. One has him write out the content 9 times.
The next he has to write it from memory 5 times.
The last page he has to write lines "I will not disrespect my teachers." since not participating, underachieving, and having a negative attitude, to me, is being disrespectful.
Well, need I say that it didn't go over very well? After several fits and starts, and mini temper tantrums, he has it half done, and went upstairs to cool off and is now sound asleep in bed. I guess he wore himself out. That's ok, it will be waiting for him when he gets up.
My mother told me there'd be days like this. She just didn't tell me there'd be so darned many !

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