Friday, May 25, 2012

Quilt Show = The Ragged Edge Quilters

Warning!  Photo heavy post :)
The Ragged Edge Quilters show started today.  We had a great day, and what a wonderful array of quilts.
The sandwiches and cakes weren't to shabby either - yum!
And check out our brand new quilt hanging racks - they're so clean and white!
First are some quilts you've seen before:
 And a couple that I've quilted for other ladies:

 And truckloads of talent:

 On the back wall are our "Ribbons in Motion" quilts.  Nine of us made them, so there is a wonderful collection:
And the smaller quilts are our "Children's Quilts" that we donate to charity.

Today was a short day for me, I left at 3 to be home for my DS coming from school.  Tomorrow we will both be there all day.  I've told my DS that I will put him to work bussing tables in the tearoom!
There is also a community yard sale in the parking lot at the arena, so we'll enjoy the extra foot traffic tomorrow - it's supposed to be another hot day.  Today we set temperature records for this day:  30 degrees C,, 37 when calculated for the humidex.   Sizzle!!

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