Thursday, May 10, 2012

A-sewing we will go...

I haven't disappeared, really.  My blogger friends, you'll understand.  You see, I've been sewing my brains out lately.
This saturday, there is a National Garage Sale for Shelter.   It is a fundraiser for Women's shelters around Canada.  Our event supports Women's Community House here in London.  So, since Red Bird Designs and I are sharing a table at this event, well, we have to have something on that table to sell then don't we.  Enter the sewing frenzy.  Robin is doing her part churning out bags, and I'm filling the under $20 niche market with boodie bags, wallets, and card cases(for all those extra cards you have to carry buy don't want clogging up your wallet.)  I've also been tweaking my pattern for a computer tablet (iPad etc) purse.  One that looks like a purse first, then has the extra value of being a carrying case for the computer as well.  Once it's done to my satisfaction, I do plan to post a tutorial and make the pattern available.

Now, since I'm a fan of multi-tasking (ahem), I'm also getting ready for the Ragged Edge Quilters Quilt show on May 25-26 in Dorchester.  This involves calling some of the buds that I've made quilts for in the last year or so, and asking nicely if I can 'borrow' them back for a week.  Then stitching a hanging sleeve onto each one and getting them in shape for showing.  Keep in mind that although I've been quilting for years, this is the first time I'm putting any of my work in a show.  This show will also involve baking treats for the tea room, making sandwiches, making the sign for the road etc...

So, I may be scarce for a couple of weeks.  Keep sewing so we have something to catch up on when I get back.  OK?

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