Sunday, February 20, 2011


I thought I'd try the prewound bobbins available these days. You know the ones, the paper bobbins with thread for about .65 cents each?
So, being the brave person I am, I bought ONE. Just ONE. Just to try it in my machines and see where it worked, and where it wouldn't.
But, I didn't even get a chance.
When I came home today, THIS is what I found.Then I found its twin.
What I did not find, was the thread.
Now, when something like this happens, it means two things have happened.
1. I must have dropped it out of my bag of fabric before it made it into the cupboard.
2. Neeka found it.

So, before you fall for that "sweet little Who, Me?" face, remember, schnauzers are nick named "paper schnauzers" for a reason.
She has never met a scrap of paper, tissue, paper towel, corner of a book, and now cardboard bobbin, that she didn't feel was "hers" to nibble on.

And I definitely can tell the difference between cat claw marks, and doggie teeth marks!
(ps. my boarder found the tangled mess of thread and not knowing what it was, recognized that it would be hazardous for any of the pets to ingest and put it in the garbage. Yeah, no vet bill.)

Note to self. I really need to try one of those disposable prewound bobbins and see if they fit in any of my machines.

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Christie, Describe Happy said...

Glad that ended ok for the animals. Interested to hear how they work when you try them!