Monday, February 14, 2011

Tiny-tote tute!

Here is a tutorial to make a cute little tote. It's perfect for:
-carrying your mug to meetings
-a tall one can be used to wrap a bottle of wine for a hostess gift!
-holding all your gadgets - seam ripper, pencils, tweezers etc
-a stand up threadcatcher!

What you need.
1: 2 fat quarters or 10" fabric that is 42" wide.
If you want to use it for wine bottles, use the height of the bottle plus 2 1/2".
2: an old CD, DVD, scratched up movie, for the base
3: small piece of batting the size of a DVD

Here's the photo tutorial! (Blame the fuzzy photos on my shaky hands :)

Ta Da ! You did it! Now go have a cup of tea or coffee, or libation of you choice....

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